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The DVD "Transitions" was released in June of 2006. Here are some comments from people who have viewed or purchased the film.

Absolutely fabulous filming Ed! Thanks for sharing so generously. Brings back so vividly my memories of my 2004 solo trip on the Elk-Thelon. You did an amazing job with the light in your film! You stood in some of the same places I did. I recognized the cabins on Vermette and Rennie. And the canyons of course. I recognized that sand spit on the Elk between the islands. And that really sandy place on the Elk. I have always wanted to make tripping films, especially with awesome soundtracks of favourite tunes, mixed in with narration. Being solo, I have never had the energy, or the technical knowledge. You have given me some inspiration to do it.

- Glen Hooper, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Just viewed all the segments and it's awesome! As one who has flown over a lot of the N.W.T. from Kasba Lake northwest to Fort Smith, Fort Resolution, Lutsel K'e, Hay River, Edzo/Fort Rae, Fort Providence, Fort Simpson, Fort Liard and on up to Aklavik, Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk over to Eastern Nunavut and many places there, I share your love for the solemnity and soul-nourishing silent beauty of those lands misnamed the 'barren grounds' by the unkowing and imperceptive. Besides becoming a great anthropologist, you are also in danger of becoming a great film maker.

- Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Just watched your beautiful film... Wonderful. You did a great job filming this all alone... I really enjoyed viewing it. Wish I had the opertunity to do a trip of a life time like that. Thanks for sharing your film with us, in this great place. Good luck, and looking forward for your next film.

- The Netherlands

If I could do anything I wanted to do, I would take a trip like that.

- Sally Finn, Webster, Massachusetts

I was blown away by the excellent narrative and intimate explorations of "Transitions." It is truly a job well done, something to treasure and share, and something to be proud of. I think your work in Final Cut Pro is top-notch.  Transitions and DVD manufacture is classy. The mix of honesty, adventure, and reflection reveal a complex and growing relationship to the Northwest Territories.  There is no clichéd attempt to hide behind the romantic myth of unadulterated space -- for there are admissions of romantic nostalgia evenly interspersed with conspicuous and intentional display of dependence on modern tools.  You reveal your passion in the form of a video journal, which shows an intimate glimpse of a river adventure meant for personal recollection.  You use the documentary form to cement the lessons from your journey.  The film is educational, relaxing, and funny.  It's a personal portrait of both self and place.

- Chris Walker, Bloomington, Indiana

I don’t know how you do it.  The video was terrific.  You’ve got an eye for photography that frames your pictures perfectly.  You’re running commentary comes across very naturally with you looking relaxed and confident.  Your portage between the two rivers looked awesome, particularly when you showed the gear you had to move.

- Stowe, Vermont

That's a great job … You really captured the spirit of the land you paddled through.

- Richard Munn, Copper Cliff, Ontario

Ed, your DVD arrived while I was away (canoeing of course) so we finally got a chance to watch it last night and really enjoyed every minute. The bird and mammal IDs were a nice touch too. I can really appreciate the effort you put in to setting up some of your scenes as well as in the editing.

- Vankleek Hill, Ontario

Thank you for sending the video so quickly.  I received it yesterday and promptly watched it.  All I can say is, "Wow"!  I did not realize you did it solo.  I congratulate you.  You now have me psyched for my next trip and lamenting what could have been for this summer.

- Plainfield, Indiana

You did an excellent job of editing.  The pace of the trip and the story as told could not have been better, not only the pace but your own attitude added so much to the tale.  To do an excellent job of editing you must have had good material to work with and your photography was as good as your editing. 

- Scott MacAdam, Cave Junction, Oregon

We watched your film today.  Andrew [4 years old] watched the first 10 minutes or so.  He was intrigued by the fact that there was only water and stones and wilderness, without any of the trappings of civilization. The film made me feel like I was there, and I appreciated your narration, especially the historical references -- it helped to give the story flow and perspective. Overall I think what is memorable about this film is the fact that it's an honest, non-staged view of what it would be like for anyone to take this journey … While I understand intellectually that it is an adventure with very real risk, the pacing of the story is so leisurely, that the danger element felt abstract.  I hope your film reaches a large audience and helps viewers who have not been there understand what canoeing down a river in the Canadian arctic must feel like. 

- Boulder, Colorado

This is absolutely beautiful. The rain, sunsets, rainbows, clouds, wildlife.  The simplicity and complexities of nature, stunning music, and wonderful narrative. I love how everyone was just as interested in *you*, as you were in them! Beautiful creatures. Thank you for sharing.

- Coastal New South Wales, Australia

Congrats again on a beautiful contribution to Thelon appreciation!

- Jason Murphy, Toronto, Ontario

I enjoyed your movie very much … I was thinking of making the move to video-making myself, and realize how time consuming it can be.  People who don't travel and don't make pictures & videos at the same time, can't appreciate that. It is hard work with all the hungry insects around... It definitely slows the speed of progress which is an important factor on these northern canoe trips. So, saying that, I very much appreciate your hard work in making this video and sharing it with us, other canoe trippers.

- Ottawa, Ontario

A lovely film. I liked the format with short chapters viewable in quicktime. The small window doesn't do justice to the vastness of the landscape but this format is very accessible.

- Katherine, Montreal, Quebec

Having done a number of solo canoe trips in Labrador, you've captured the charm of going solo and the feeling of absolute freedom. Your unhurried and unpressured approach is a lesson to any wilderness traveller.

- Philip Schubert, Ottawa, Ontario