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Northern Waterways:

Site redesign in progress (preview here).

Northern waterways is a lands and resources website devoted to river stewardship, northern history and culture, filmmaking, and canoeing information for arctic and subarctic waterways in northern Canada and Alaska. I started this site to communicate more widely with others, and to share experiences about living, visiting, and canoeing in the North. I maintain a blog and news aggregation site; a featured rivers section on northern travels; a northern lands and resources digital library; and I am actively planning several future filmmaking trips to Nunavut and northern Canada. I established this site in the Fall of 2006, and plan to include other films, photo essays, and canoeing resources in the coming years.

This site always has room to grow, and I welcome any suggestions for how to make it better. Rather than catalogue experiences, I attempt to provide a personal vision of seeing, hearing, and relating to the land through visual media, written narratives, photographs, stories from northern communities, and building an archive of events, people, and institutions in the news. I seek to bring together a variety of personal interests: oral history, anthropology, canoeing, web media, sustainable development, and travel. I am particularly interested in the rivers of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories: Back, Coppermine, Dubawnt, Hanbury, Hood, Horton, Kazan, Nahanni, Noatak, Thelon, Yukon, and more. If you wish to comment on the site, or just want to say hi, please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope you enjoy your visit.