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The film has been scaled for the web (320 x 240) and is available in six individual chapters below. The viewing page inclues all links to the film. To view the film in full resolution (including extras), please consider purchasing the DVD. I hope you enjoy (Total running time: 52 minutes).

1) Prologue: introduction to film.

2) Arrival: title sequence.

3) The Lakes (Part I): Vermette, Rennie, and Damant (headwaters of the Elk).

4) The Elk River (Part II): scenes from the Elk River.

5) The Thelon (Part III): scenes from the Thelon River (five days interrupted).

6) Coda: concluding sequence.

**Note: If you have difficulty viewing video segments, please update your internet browser to latest version. Video is embedded with VideoJS (HTML5 with Flash Video fallback option), and is fully compatible with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and IE9 internet browsers.