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Norwegian Arctic Expedition Raises Funds for the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute

by admin ~ April 16th, 2007

The Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute have provided support to the Museum, Library and Polar Archives of the Institute since 1946. In 2006, they sponsored a sled-dog trip to give volunteers an experience of the arctic and to create awareness for the activities of the Research Institute on climate change, remote sensing, circumpolar history, social sciences in the arctic, and more. The 2007 trip just completed its 240 kilometer journey, braving temperatures of -30 celsius, arduous climbs and spectacular vistas. More information can be obtained from news reports, the Friends of the SPRI web site, or the media sites of volunteers and team members. Plans for a 2008 expedition are already underway.

2 Responses to Norwegian Arctic Expedition Raises Funds for the Friends of the Scott Polar Research Institute

  1. Hughie Ahearn

    Good morning, i am in a group of about six people, all related to Captain Peter Bernard, an explorer during the 1913-1916 CAE Canadian Artic Expedition, My great great uncle Peter was lost in 1916 and has never been found, we plan to trace some of his steps on Banks Island and hope to find any remains or at the very least have a monument put in place to honour his accomplishment, we plan to take a month to do some of this in July – August 2010, can you give me any help in how to get finicial funding to help cover the cost, at the time Captain Peter got lost he was delivering mail for the United States Postal service. We are just a small group who got together one night and said lets do this…any information you could provide would be very much appreciated..Thank you

  2. admin

    Hi Hughie. It sounds like a really amazing expedition, and the personal and biographical connections will make it rewarding and very interesting to others (especially me). I sent you an individual response to your message, if anybody else has any suggestions, please feel free post them here, or contact me through the site for Hughie Ahearn’s e-mail address.