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Environemental Assessment Review for All Season Road Proposal to Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan

by admin ~ April 16th, 2007

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency announced last week that an all-weather road proposal to Wollaston Lake in northern Saskatchewan will undergo a comprehensive environmental assessment review. Wollaston is a frequent starting off point for canoers looking for overland routes to the southern Barrenlands via the Fond du Lac River to Black Lake, and the historic Chipman Portage to Selwyn Lake and the headwaters of the Dubawnt (one of many routes). The community of Wollaston is currently serviced by ice road in the winter, and barge and light aircraft in the summer. The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency reports that an all-season road of approximately 100 kilometers to the community will “reduce transportation costs and isolation, improve emergency response and access to health and education services, and potentially reduce costs for essential goods” (1). More information is available at the Canadian Environmental Assessment website and registry.


  • John Baird, Minister of the Environment (Nov. 22, 2007): approves recommendations and forwards proposal to responsible authorities for decision (Department of Indian and Northern Affairs and Western Economic Diversification Canada).

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