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Public Comments on Working Group Proposals for New Nahanni Park Boundary Options Due November 23, 2007

by admin ~ November 17th, 2007

This is an important opportunity for the public to be involved in a policy planning process, and to bring greater attention to the Mackenzie Mountains Natural Region and the ecological integrity of the Nahanni Park Reserve. Parks Canada, Dehcho First Nations, and the Federal Government (in its 2002 “Action Plan to Protect Canada’s Natural Heritage”) have all made commitments to expand the Nahanni Park Reserve to include a greater portion of the watershed and natural ecosystem. The Nahanni Expansion Working Group recently held a round of public consultations in Ottawa, Nahanni Butte, Fort Simpson, Fort Liard and Yellownife, and are completing final steps prior to making formal recommendations on a park boundary to Dehcho First Nations and Parks Canada. They have asked for input from the public on several important boundary proposals.

Boundary Options Handout (October 2007):

Since 2004, the Nahanni Expansion Working Group (NEWG) has been overseeing feasibility studies for the proposed expansion of Nahanni National Park Reserve. This work will culminate in a formal recommendation for a new park boundary to Dehcho First Nations and Parks Canada. Prior to making a formal recommendation on a final boundary, NEWG will consult with First Nations, local communities, third party stakeholders and the general public. The Nahanni Expansion Working Group needs to know what people think, and the feedback received will go a long way to helping NEWG prepare a formal final park boundary recommendation.

Two forms are available from the working group: a boundary options handout (PDF), and a comments form (PDF). If you have the time, please assist the Working Group in making an informed recommendation on these options, and mail, fax, or e-mail the completed form to the following address by the November 23, 2007, deadline.

Terriplan Consultants
5020 – 47th Street
P.O. Box 2335
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P7
fax: (867) 873-2402

For more information:

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