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Class 2 PLBs now allowed in Canada

by admin ~ November 28th, 2006

“Sarscene” is an online search and rescue magazine for the Canadian National Search and Rescue Secretariat. The September ’06 issue reports a new Personal Locator Beacon standard for Canada. Previously, PLBs had to meet a strict Class 1 standard for extended use at minus 40 degrees and floatation in fresh water. This often translated to a heavier and more expensive beacon. Class 2 beacons are lighter, more affordable, and meet a less stringent standard for cold weather use and floatation. For those who travel to remote areas in the north in mild three season conditions, a class 2 beacon may be a welcome alternative. PLBs and Satellite phones are a recommended tool for extended wilderness trips and a crucial component of communications and safety. A flexible standard means more people will consider using such devices on a trip, and this means fewer lethal accidents and greater peace of mind for travellers. Please consider which device is best suited to your needs, and consult others on their experience with PLBs, Sat. phones, and current standards.


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