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Northern Climate Centre in Yukon Uncertain about Federal Funding

by admin ~ February 7th, 2007

(CBC News, 7 February 2007) — The Northern Climate ExChange Centre will be forced to close its doors at the end of March if it doesn’t get more funding from the federal government, coordinator Michael Westlake says. For the past seven years, the centre, housed at Yukon College in Whitehorse, has conducted research into global warming and assisted others with climate change work. But without further funding from Ottawa, Westlake said the centre will have to close March 31, putting five people out of work. He is hoping the increased interest in climate change will persuade the federal government to continue supporting the centre’s work. “I remain confident that we will persevere, especially in light of communities and individuals in the North being personally affected by the changes that are happening,” Westlake said Tuesday. “Until we actually take positive steps forward to tackle this problem, we’re going to confront an even bigger problem.”


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