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Tulsequah Mine and Barge Proposal for Taku River Mining Development in B.C.

by admin ~ January 30th, 2007

Redfern Resources is set to begin construction on its proposed Taku river mine this summer, but without a controversial road proposal. CBC reported yesterday that Redfern Resources, a Vancouver junior mining company that seeks to re-open the zinc-copper-silver-gold mine on the Taku River near Atlin (shut down by Cominco in 1957), will remove materials from the mine via the river and a low draft air cushion barge. The feasibility study claims there is “no significant impact on the environment,” but the Taku River Tlingit First Nation has challenged the mine proposal in the courts, and environmentalists dispute the findings of the feasibility study. The Taku watershed is shared by Alaska and B.C., and the former Governor of Alaska and others have asked for a full watershed plan and review of the project by the International Joint Commission, which oversees and monitors trans-boundary water issues. Canada has not yet endorsed such a review.

Update (Jan 31, 2007): opposition to controversial mining proposal continues. David MacKinnon, spokesperson for the Transboundary Watershed Alliance, informed the CBC: “the company’s prediction the project will be able to move ahead within three to six months is overly optimistic” (CBC). Transboundary Watershed Alliance and Taku River Tlingit First Nation (CBC) both want more oversight, and recommend independent environmental assessment of barge proposal.



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