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SkeenaWild – A Community Based Approach to Salmon Management and Conservation in Skeena Watershed

by admin ~ May 22nd, 2008

One of the great watersheds of the West Coast, the Skeena and its tributaries garners worldwide recognition for its prime salmon and steelhead habitat and historic significance to the livelihoods of First Nations and Pacific Northwest communities. Originating in the Spatsizi Plateau Wilderness Provincial Park in northwestern British Columbia, the Skeena flows 570 kilometers to the Pacific and encompasses one of the largest watersheds in British Columbia (at 54,432 square kilometers). A new conservation initiative, the Skeena Wild Conservation Trust, supports a community-based approach to salmon management, and promotes a long term model for ecological and economic sustainability and generating new opportunities for the region. For more information, please visit the organization’s website for updates about projects, news, resources, and events.

About SkeenaWild:

SkeenaWild Conservation Trust was started in the fall of 2007. We are a regional conservation initiative whose goal is to make the Skeena River watershed and nearby coastal communities a global model of ecologic and economic sustainability. We are governed by a group of seven volunteer trustees drawn from a variety of backgrounds.

SkeenaWild utilizes the following strategies to realize its goals:

  • Catalysing and supporting planning processes which advocate for ecologic, economic and social sustainability and resiliency.
  • Building a Skeena watershed regional identity through direct public outreach activities and a variety of media.
  • Attracting and providing resources to build the new salmon economy.
  • Facilitating dialogue among residents of the watershed, First Nations and specific interest groups such as commercial and recreational fishers, municipal leaders and resource managers.
  • Conducting and sponsoring research into relevant ecological, economic and social issues.

Other Information:

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  1. Aktives Reisen

    Till now I have nearly nothing read from your blog but I have to tell you that your photos are amazing! You can nearly feel the mood of each picture – specialy the landscapes. Well done 🙂