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New Ornithology Resource for the Boreal Forest

by admin ~ April 2nd, 2008

A new birding resource for the boreal forest arrives on bookshelves: Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario, 2001-2005. The Boreal Bird Blog describes it as a must have resource: “On the most fundamental level, the Atlas is a tremendous resource in answering the question, ‘What birds are Boreal birds’ … Each written account contains sections on Distribution and Population Status, Breeding Biology, and Abundance in Ontario.” This is the second edition updated from 1981-1985. Information comes from a collection of volunteer birders in 30 regions, eight years of planning, and over 150,000 hours of time in the field. An important resource for documenting conservation efforts in the boreal, and learning more about this sometimes remote and difficult area to study. You can order the book from the Atlas Website, which also contains additional resources to compliment the book.

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