New report shows Alberta not doing enough to protect and recover threatened grizzly bears

CPAWS – A new report analyzing current recovery efforts in Alberta indicates that the provincial government is not doing enough to protect one of the most threatened grizzly bear populations in North America. Recent research indicates that the grizzly bear population in Alberta is small and may be declining due to expanding networks of industrial access roads and the high levels of human-caused mortality that accompany them. “Grizzly bear range once extended to Manitoba, but has been pushed westward by habitat loss and poor land use management practices” says Wendy Francis, Conservation Director for the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, “Alberta has an obligation to prevent grizzly bear range from being pushed even farther west by protecting grizzly habitat and reducing road densities.” At the same time, the government is not adequately implementing the recovery plan it adopted in 2008. The government’s own status report indicates the recovery area has been significantly reduced in size, and strategies limiting road densities in the recovery plan are not being followed.

Download copy of report: “A Grizzly Challenge: Ensuring a Future for Alberta’s Threatened Grizzlies” (PDF).

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