Mapping Birds Without Boundaries

New York Times – A new survey has found that 148 land bird species in North America are facing rapid decline, the majority of them in Mexico. The assessment, the first ever to include all three countries, reveals information about populations and migratory patterns and is is intended as a tool for conservationists. It was released Tuesday by Partners in Flight, a cooperative of government agencies, conservation groups, academics and philanthropists. The study has detailed information on the 882 species of land birds that live across the continent. One-third of them spend substantial amounts of time in at least two of the countries, it found … [The Study] identified 24 species from the United States and Canada as imperiled, including the cerulean warbler, the black swift and the Canada warbler.

Download Full Report: “Saving Our Shared Birds: Partners in Flight Tri-National Vision for Land Conservation” (PDF).  You can also view overview (PDF).

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