U.S. Deptartment of the Interior: The State of the Birds Report 2010

Research and monitoring programs are being initiated in arctic regions to increase our understanding of how birds will respond to a changing climate and to develop effective conservation strategies.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology (Round Robin) – This afternoon, in Austin, Texas, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced the completion of the 2010 State of the Birds report. This is the second major report, following last year’s comprehensive analysis of North America’s bird life and its conservation needs (read the 2009 report or watch a video summary). Last year’s report looked at where we were; the 2010 report looks toward the future to contemplate the effects of climate change on bird life. Threats to birds will likely worsen as climate change alters habitats and changes food supplies, the report concludes. Of particular concern are oceanic birds, which grow slowly and nest on low-lying islands, and Hawaiian birds, which will likely become even more susceptible to the avian malaria that has devastated their populations as mosquitoes move into higher elevations.

2010 Report website: Report’s Summary and Arctic & Alpine Status Page.

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