Slideshow: “The Art of Isolation” (The Inuit of Cape Dorset capture their traditions in sculpture and print)

Boston Globe – The art capital of Canada is not located on the tony streets of Toronto or Montreal, but on a remote tip of Baffin Island in the territory of Nunavut. It is Cape Dorset, a community of slightly more than 1,300 mostly Inuit people, with an unforgiving climate and no paved roads, almost to the Arctic Circle on the fringes of the inhabited world. Nearly one in four workers here is an artist. Carving and printmaking are important economic activities in Cape Dorset, recently named the nation’s “most artistic municipality” by a government-financed research group because of the concentration of artists . And they are among the thousands of artists spread across the sparsely populated, vast expanse of Nunavut.

Direct link to slideshow: “The Art of Isolation” (Aug. 27, 2006).

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