Smithsonian Website: “Arctic, A Friend Acting Strangely”

Smithsonian Museum – People of the Arctic have always lived with year-to-year fluctuations in weather and ice conditions. But in recent decades, they have witnessed dramatic and worrisome changes. Most troubling, the climate has become unpredictable, the land and sea unfamiliar. Only recently has the full extent of changes in the Arctic come to light as polar residents and scientists have begun to compare their observations. They have reached the same conclusion: the Arctic is warming — and doing so rapidly.

This web site incorporates images and information from the Arctic: A Friend Acting Strangely exhibition developed by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, which was on display at the Museum through November 2006. The exhibition puts a human face on warming in the Arctic by exploring how changes have been observed and documented by scientists and polar residents alike.  Website includes features on museum exhibition, Inuit perspectives, resources for educators, and more.

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