My Life So Far: Youth Perspectives on Alert Bay (Podcast)

Third Coast International Audio Festival – The village of Alert Bay, on Canada’s Pacific coast, is a study in paradox for the teens growing up there. They have a rich aboriginal culture, but live in grinding poverty. They are surrounded by natural beauty but there’s nothing for them to do. They have strong family relationships but many can’t wait to grow up and leave. In 2008, Teresa Goff and Neil Sandell of the CBC were invited to Alert Bay to help young people create a portrait of life there. The producers gave five people, ages 11-17, recording equipment, some coaching, and made a simple request: Tell us about where you live. Tell us about your life.

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More information:

  • CBC: “Outfront: Alert Bay” (March 2009).  Visit to hear all five episodes.
  • Third Coast International Audio Festival: 2010 Behind the Scenes (an interview with producers Teresa Goff, Lindsay Michael and Neil Sandell)

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