From the Archives: “Thelon – The Place Where God Began” (Canadian Geographic Film Documentary by John Larose, 2000)

Breathing life into bedrock,
the Thelon River
is the divine instigator
of a place that seduces
with stark allure.
Here, there is habitat and opportunity
for a biological drama
to be played out on an enchanting
yet unforgiving stage.
It is a rare land of spirit and dreams,
an infinitely rich sanctuary
known “as the place where God began.”

- Thelon: The Place Where God Began

Canadian Geographic (available on-line) – Few humans have set foot in the Thelon Wildlife Sanctuary, a vast and improbable empire of waterways, forest and wildlife, west of Hudson Bay. Located hundreds of kilometres north of the treeline, it is nonetheless a forested river valley oasis. Beyond the northern range of many bird and mammal species, it still hosts a natural wealth or furred and feathered creatures. Join Canadian Geographic in exploring this northern paradise whose bounty prompted First Nations people to call it “the place where God began.”

Runtime 46:29 min.  Credits: Colm Feore (Narration), John Larose (Producer), James Raffan and John Larose (Writers), David Murray (Editor), Svetlan (Original Music), Trailhead/Blackfeather and Wilderness Adventures (Location Outfitting), Nancy Carter and Ryon Walsh (Research), Ronald Lillie and William Johnston (Executive Producers), and Summerhill Entertainment Inc., 2000.

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