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Linguist Lenore Grenoble helps rescue Arctic languages from extinction

The University of Chicago Magazine - Since the Soviet Union’s breakup, Grenoble has traveled to remote Siberian corners to document an endangered language called Evenki. Ethnic Evenkis constitute a Russian and Chinese minority of 35,000 nomadic hunters and reindeer herders, but only 5,000 of them use their eponymous language, and ...

Nature Conservancy: Follow the Thelon Expedition

Cool Green Science: The Nature Conservancy’s lead scientist Sanjayan and Canada program director Dr. Richard Jeo are on an expedition through one of Canada’s most pristine areas with young members of the Dene First Nation. They will canoe along the Thelon River ending in North America’s largest and most remote wildlife ...

Northern Photos and Documents Aplenty at Canadiana Discovery Portal

Canadian Library Association Digest - The Canadiana Discovery Portal is rapidly becoming the best single source for Canada’s documentary heritage for researchers, students, and the general public. In October 2010, the Canadiana Discovery Portal [currently in Beta mode] surpassed the 60 million-page mark, providing Canadians with access to more than ...

Book Review: “The Magnetic North – Notes from the Arctic Circle” (by Sara Wheeler)

Daily Telegraph (UK) - Sara Wheeler’s sympathies have always been with the south. The author of Cherry, a Life of the explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard and the bestselling Terra Incognita was unashamedly biased in favour of the glorious wastes of Antarctica, and against the “complicated” Arctic. She liked the white wilderness ...

7th Cowichan International Aboriginal Film Festival (April 13 to 17, 2011)

Cowichan International Aboriginal Film Festival 2011 - Immerse yourself in the worlds of the people of the land in this sharing of aboriginal culture, teachings and realities through film, art, song, dance and ceremony.  Make your destination Duncan, Vancouver Island from April 13-17, 2011. Youth FX Workshops & Awards April ...

Wolf: Jack London’s Dark Side (Book Review)

Slate - The United States has a startling ability to take its most angry, edgy radicals and turn them into cuddly eunuchs. The process begins the moment they die. Mark Twain is remembered as a quipster forever floating down the Mississippi River at sunset, while his polemics against the violent ...

GNWT: Traditional Knowledge Annual Report 2009-2010

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NWT) - The Government recognizes that Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge is a valid and essential source of information about the natural environment and its resources, the use of natural resources, and the relationship of people to the land and to each other, and incorporates traditional ...

Documentary on Inuit dog slaughter debuts in Nunavut, Canada

Alaska Dispatch - Canada's National Film Board is in Iqaluit to connect with more northern filmmakers, as a new NFB documentary about a controversial issue in Nunavut made its debut there this week." Qimmit: A Clash of Two Truths" probes the historic slaughter of thousands of sled dogs -- an essential ...

Business: Nunavik seaweed special ingredient in new beauty products

Nunatsiaq News - If you want to have beautiful skin, new skin care products made with a Nunavik seaweed extract could be just the answer. The Ungava line of products are the “first natural and organic Inuit skin care line designed to act effectively, improving the appearance of the skin,” says ...

For Susie Malgokak, Inuit prints are portals to the past

Toronto Star - To create her stencil prints, Susie Malgokak, 54, draws on memories of the childhood she lost when she was forced at age 7 to leave her family on Minto Island for an Anglican residential school. Video by Paul Watson. Link to source
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