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Nunavut Honors Lamb Family and Aviation History in Ceremony at Rankin Inlet

by admin ~ April 25th, 2007

From coastal waterways in Alaska to disparate Caribbean Islands to roadless tracts in the far North, where automobiles have yet to establish a foothold, small aviation companies provide a vital lifeline for people, communities, and economies in need of services, communications, and transportation over vast distances. Nunavut has honored one such company out of the Pas, Manitoba, which flew for 46 years in the North. The fleet of Lamb Air Ltd. (1934-1981) included such stalwarts of northern aviation as Beavers, Otters, Norsemans, DC-3s, Bristol Freighters, Cessnas, and more. Pilots flew on pontoons and skis in areas with limited communications, no runways, and distant support and maintenance staff. The company’s motto was: “Don’t Ask Us Where We Fly; Tell Us Where You Want to Go.” The Nunavut ceremony honored the four remaining pilots of the Lamb family: Conrad, Doug, Jack and Greg. The company provided medivac services, travel to remote First Nations communities, and transported passengers, canoes, sled dogs, furs, mail, trappers, foods and medical supplies to remote communities where regular services were few and far between. More on the history of the company can be found at the Lamb Family website (including the 1965 CBC television feature, “the Flying Lambs“), the CBC news story on the Nunavut ceremony, and various on-line commemorative sites on the Lamb family and northern aviation.

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  1. leanna

    just imagine from a hundred years for now look how this place will look in the future just watch it will change. i mean everything will change, and we can’t stop it cause were the future and our grandchildren will make families and well be lying in a coffin just lying down not moving just there nothing to do but watch them grow and smile and pray for us everyday at the dinner table and they’ll remember all of us because we were there watching out for them. And thats all i have to say for this comment but i know im not just saying this i really mean it because it is true for the new things in our life and your the future oh and sorry im getting carried away sorry bye