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Agreement on Uranium Clean-up Goals for Port Radium on the Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories

by admin ~ March 27th, 2007

CBC reports on the agreement of Déline and Tlicho leaders to remediation and clean-up plans for uranium contamination at the abandoned Port Radium mine on the east side of Great Bear Lake in the Northwest Territories. The mine was in production from 1930 to 1982, and was decommissioned and cleaned up according to the standards of the day. According to the government, “there are sill high radiation level areas and hazardous waste that need to be dealt with.” A $7 million contract was awarded to the Yellowknife Aboriginal Engineering Ltd., and will seek to employ a maximum number of people from Déline, which has a long history of community members working at the site. Cleanup is expected to last several years. The Déline Uranium Team has investigated claims of cancer and wild food contamination from the mine, and has produced a number of oral history videos and book retrospectives commemorating the mine workers, and the impact of uranium development on the community.



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