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Northern Sámi and Climate Change Focus of 2007 Finnmark Sled-Dog Expedition

by admin ~ March 13th, 2007

Seven member team begins its sled-dog trek across arctic Finnmark to document Sámi heritage, environmental effects of global warming, and snow conditions for the Global Snowflake Network of NASA. The expedition will cover 1,500 km in one month, and visit the birch and pine forests of the Russian Taiga, the Sámi settlement of Neiden, the great Tana river between Finland and Norway, the northern tundra and heart of Sámiland around Kautokeino, and the northern coast of Sweden with its mountainous territory. “Field research will concentrate on shifts in herds’ migration routes to spring calving grounds, and consequently on traditional year-round economic practices, in order to focus, more broadly, on reindeer herding knowledge in a changing climate” (1). Expedition hopes to bring attention to the renewable resource heritage of Sámi reindeer herding, and the effects of climate change in this vulnerable region. Expedition diary includes daily updates, and website has additional information on Sámi Culture and environmental effects of climate change. You can also follow a similar expedition in northern Canada, Baffin Island 2007, involving educators, scientists, dog mushing enthusiasts, and Inuit hunters.

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