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Paul Nicklen Wins First Prize in World Press Photo Contest

by admin ~ February 13th, 2007

His second time winning top honors in the World Press Photo contest, Nicklen says his keen interest in watching wildlife and growing up in a small Inuit community in Baffin Island nurtured his interest in photography and photo journalism. Previously a wildlife biologist in the Northwest Territories, Nicklen says he pursued and pestered international magazines and photojournalism outlets for years before he found an audience for his photos and was invited to contribute to the National Geographic, and go out on assignment for them.(1) He first decided to turn his career to photojournalism, and to attempt to bridge the divide between scientific research and the public, after a three month solo expedition to the High Arctic. Nicken received the World Press honor this year in the nature category for his photo “Leopard Seal Hunt, Antarctica.” He currently lives outside of Whitehorse, Yukon Territories, and has a book with author Hugh Brody titled: “Seasons of the Arctic.”


1 Response to Paul Nicklen Wins First Prize in World Press Photo Contest

  1. kombizz

    I love the image of those two penguins very much.
    I love the nice composition of it with good lighting, colors