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Nunavut and Northwest Territories struggling to lure filmmakers to North

by admin ~ January 3rd, 2007

Two recent stories by the CBC detail the struggles of filmmakers to locate their projects in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. The Governments cite limited funds and more attractive programs elsewhere as a reason why they cannot offer more incentives for media development. “Basically we’re competing with other priorities throughout the whole territory,” said Paul Suvega, Economic Development official for Nunavut. A TV series or movie shot in the North brings local employment and a large influx of money into the regional economy (millions of dollars for a continuing series, said Bruce MacDonald, a filmmaker of a pilot TV series recently shot in Iqualiut). “I want this film to be shot in the N.W.T.” said Van Camp, author of “The Lesser Blessed,” a story set in the town of Fort Smith. “I want to see Northern actors on the big screen. I want to see the beauty of the North on the big screen.” The Government hopes to improve existing programs for media development, and filmmakers recommend an open deadline for media support (where they currently have to meet a once a year deadline), and larger rebates for hiring local workers.


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