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Air Tindi sold to Discovery Air

by admin ~ January 2nd, 2007

Air charter services are a vital component to northern transportation, the regional economy, tourism, First Nations, government, and other users of the land and natural resources. Air Tindi, a charter and scheduled air service company based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, was recently sold to Discovery Air on December 19, 2006. Founded by the Arychuk family in 1988, “Tindi” means ‘the big lake’ or ‘Great Slave Lake’ in Dogrib, and the company has provided reliable transportation and medivac services for many years to northern communities and canoers seeking access to remote rivers and northern waterways. Discovery Air, an Ontario based company, plans to purchase new planes and equipment, and adds Air Tindi to their northern operations and purchase of Great Slave helicopters last June. News report states: “Air Tindi will continue to operate under the same management team and none of the company’s 160 full-time employees will lose their jobs.” Let’s hope they continue to provide full services for canoers, traditional users of the land, and expanded air charter services to northern communities and rivers.


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