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Proposed INAC Initiative for the Upper Thelon River

by admin ~ December 19th, 2007

In a letter and status report to “decision-making partners” in the Upper Thelon River, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) proposes a three-year action plan to focus on “balance of interests,” “wins” for industry, and “setting a context” for land and resource management decisions in Upper Thelon River Basin. The early stages of the plan call for a two-year multi-part study on the environment, geology, and cultural knowledge of the area (distinct from the Thelon Game Sanctuary Management Plan), and asks for input from regional stakeholders on proposals put forward by the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. The plan is a response to the Federal Minister of INAC to provide recommendations for long term land use planning in the region, and seeks to “re-set the operating environment” after a regulatory process held under NWT environmental legislation identified a significant public concern over new uranium projects, and recommended rejection of a proposal for uranium exploration in the area. Four other exploration proposals are currently pending in the region: two by Uravan Minerals Inc., and two by Bayswater Uranium Corporation.

Further information can be obtained here: “Upper Thelon Land and Resource Management Plan Status Report” (PDF). Several responsible ministers are listed in the report. The lead official coordinating the proposal is Teresa Joudrie.

Teresa Joudrie
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada – NWT Region
Manager, Environment and Conservation
Phone: (867) 669-2588


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