Arctic Passage: the Expeditions of Sir. John Franklin and Roald Amundsen (on NOVA)

NOVA PBS Website – In this companion Web site to the NOVA program Arctic Passage, see a map of the Franklin and Amundsen expeditions, view the last known note from Franklin’s men, watch an audio slide show of recovered Franklin artifacts, read an interview with historian Roland Huntford, visit our teacher’s guide, and more. In two episodes, hour one provides new details on the Franklin expedition, whose fate was one of the great mysteries of the 19th century. Even today, the manner of the expedition’s demise is an ongoing detective story, with clues and new interpretations still emerging over 150 years after the explorers inexplicably disappeared. Hour two tells how Roald Amundsen rewrote the book on Arctic exploration by stressing simplicity and adaptability, and in the process completed the first crossing of the Northwest Passage exactly 100 years ago. (To follow the paths of both expeditions, see Tracing the Routes).

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