Film Review: Greenland’s ‘Nuummioq’ a stunning triumph

Reuters – More than just a curiosity item as the first feature from Greenland, “Nuummioq” is a startlingly accomplished piece of filmmaking, all the more so considering many of the cast and crew are non-professionals. Anchored by a riveting performance by Lars Rosing as a robust young man diagnosed with terminal cancer, the film is not easy going or for all audiences, but those willing to venture there will be rewarded with a deeply-felt, finely realized film. Obviously not a multiplex item, “Nuummioq” should be a welcome entry on the festival circuit and a natural for a discriminating audience at home. Filmed in Inuit and Danish around Nuuk, the capital of Greenland the title means a resident of Nuuk, “Nuummioq” calls to mind Ingmar Bergman and other somber filmmakers from the North Country.

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