Listening to the Northern Lights (Recordings by Stephen P. McGreevy)

All Things Considered (NPR): Natural Radio recordist Steve McGreevy was in Canada last year (1998) for the Northern Lights: not to see them, but to hear them. You can do that, if you have the right equipment. And Steves got a van full. Producer Barrett Golding introduces Lost and Found Sound listeners to Natural Radio (YouTube video) — the sound of earths magnetic field. Like the auroral lights, Natural Radio effects tend to be stronger around the spring and fall equinox, and near the earths poles. So whenever Steve gets a chance, he heads north, into the wilderness, away from electrical interference, where the listening is best. Theres a double CD of Steves Natural Radio recordings called “Electric Enigma,” put out by Irdial.

For sample audio, visit Auroral Chorus II website (The Music of the Magnetosphere), or click on the audio podcast (“Alberta Wavering Tones”) below.

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