Business: Nunavik seaweed special ingredient in new beauty products

Nunatsiaq News – If you want to have beautiful skin, new skin care products made with a Nunavik seaweed extract could be just the answer. The Ungava line of products are the “first natural and organic Inuit skin care line designed to act effectively, improving the appearance of the skin,” says the website for Nunavik Biosciences … The products for sale include creams and cleansers, which have a light, fragrance similar to white tea. The creams and cleansers contain no chemical compounds, dyes or perfumes and no animal ingredients, nor are they tested on animals. They’re “specially formulated, with a combination of essential fatty acids and trace elements, to protect the skin against environmental stress, to moisturize and to prevent the formation of new wrinkles,” reads the promotional information on the website. The products are packaged in recyclable, white plastic containers with the word “Ungava” stylized to resemble syllabics— but this packaging is slated to be changed, said Marc Allard, Makivik’s research and fisheries advisor.

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