Reviews: “Rewilding the World” (by Caroline Fraser)

New York Times – One better-known example of a rewilding project is the so-called Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, or Y2Y. It proposes to provide corridors between those two areas in the United States and Canada, allowing wolves and other animals to travel freely between them. “Rewilding the World” examines Y2Y and many other projects, and it’s a thoughtful examination of rewilding and its discontents. The benefits of corridors to the natural world are fairly obvious. The problem is the human aspect. People are hard-wired to be fearful of large carnivores. What’s more, it’s hard for the poor to see the economic advantage of rewilding. Humans don’t like conservationists telling them what they can and can’t do with the land that surrounds them. As one conservationist counterintuitively points out to Ms. Fraser: “Conservation is about managing people. It’s not about managing wildlife.”

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