Compendium of Arctic Reports: Arctic Governance Project (Towards a Sustainable Future for the North)

Arctic Governance Project – A web project of the University of Tromsø (secretariat), and drawing on scientific consultants, and steering committee members from Iceland, Canada, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Alaska, and Russia … the Arctic Governance project is a compendium of resources and articles on economic development and sustainability for the circumpolar arctic. Climate change coupled with globalization has triggered a rapidly accelerating cascade of events leading to profound environmental and socioeconomic changes in the Arctic. In response, demand is growing for science-based innovation in the conservation, management and governance of Arctic resources. This demand, in turn, has generated an outpouring of new ways of thinking about governance in the Arctic — resulting in a range of concrete proposals and policy alternatives for sustaining arctic communities, ecosystems and biodiversity.

The Project has assembled an array of global perspectives and proposals on governance solutions in its Arctic Governance Compendium. The Project’s leadership and a diverse cross-section of researchers and stakeholders will subject these proposals to careful scrutiny at the the Tromsø Summit in January 2010.

Website includes sections on arctic news, newsletters, and an extensive compendium of articles for viewing or download (on marine, terrestrial, and atmospheric issues, existing and proposed governance arrangements, governance systems, russian language articles, and a search filter tool).

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