Report: Global warming challenging northern infrastructure

Toronto Star – Six feet of Tuktoyaktuk’s coastline disappears each year. A winter ice road fails to freeze north of Yellowknife and the price of bread skyrockets. A lone communications tower in Inuvik goes down from wildfire or thawing ground and takes the bank machines and the spending money of a remote town with it.These are the new facts of life that climate change is already forcing those in Canada’s far north to consider. A new report says governments, businesses and residents are woefully unprepared to deal with the destruction of roads, buildings, toxic waste dumps and communications systems that are founded on the assumption that it’s cold up there and will remain that way in the years ahead.

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Download report (PDF): “TRUE NORTH: Adapting Infrastructure to Climate Change in Northern Canada” (National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, November 26, 2009).

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