Website: The Forgotten Story of Inuit Whalers

Forgotten Story of Inuit Whalers – We heard stories about whalers that were told by our elders, people who remembered these things. There were whalers all around Nunavut; they were in the Kivalliq area, around Kimmirut, Pangnirtung, and further north.

But it’s not just through old stories that we know about the whalers; while we would be travelling by boat and camping in the summer time, we would see many old whale bones. That’s how we know that we had ancestors who were whalers. Our ancestors were whalers, both Inuit and some white men. It didn’t matter who they were; even if they were white they were still our ancestors. We need to respect who they are. I respect who they are, even the whalers.

Website includes Timeline, Whaling Ports, Videos, and other useful information on Inuit captains, harbours, and ships in Davis Strait, Cumberland Sound, Hudson Strait, and Hudson Bay.

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