The Legends Project: Gwich’in Legends (CBC)

CBC Aboriginal – Coming this MONDAY October 26, 2009 the ninth installment of The Legend Project: Gwich’in Legends. Broadcast on CBC Radio One’s Ideas.


Ahts’an Vee (Grey Wings)
A legend about Ahts’an Vee (Grey Wings), a kidnapped Gwich’in girl, who escapes from her Inuit capturers and returns home to her Gwich’in parents after years of living along the coastline.

Atachuukaii and Deetrin’
This legend is about Deetrin’s (Raven) medicine power and how Deetrin’ must always be respected. Atachuukaii did not heed Deetrin’s warning and so Raven made Atachuukaii’s people disappear.

Atachuukaii in the Delta
In this legend Atachuukaii corrected the behavior of animals by telling Eagles not to eat human beings, but instead to live on animal food.

Atachuukaii and Wolverine
Atachuukaii, on his quest to correct the behaviour of all animals, engages in a life and death struggle with Wolverine as he teaches him the value of not eating humans.

Diniizhok, a legendary hero, receives an urgent message from his mother while dreaming. Diniizhok must use uses his travel medicine power and his skill at the game of ‘akaii’ to save his younger brothers from being killed.

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