Bering Strait Project: Design Competition (May 26, 2009 deadline)

Bering Strait Project Website – This project is a dream project attempting to connect two continents. In a wide sense, it includes building a tunnel or a bridge at both ends of the strait, extending an existing railways of the Uing nited States and Russia, and laying a world highway around the coasts of the world, which require a massive amount of construction.

Once the connection is made, the railway will go through both Uelen of Russia and Cape Prince of Wales of the United States linking the North American Rail System. A new highway will link the existing coastal highway of Uelen – Dezhnev – Tunytlino at Russia and Wales – Tin City – York at the United States.

Exhibition of the projects submitted to be announced …

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Winning Designs (announced June 11, 2009):

  • Taller 301: Diomede Archipelago (First Prize).
  • OFF Architecture: Bering Strait (Second Prize).
  • Jaeik Sim, Hyunwook Woo, Jonghyuk Lim, Dongjin Lee: Bridge the Memory (Second Prize).
  • Jitaek Shim, Sung Hoon Chung, Seung Youp Lee, Seung Hwan Shim, Sung Gi Park: Imprinted Time (Second Prize).
  • Evelyn Alonso, Sara Sarmiento, Manuel Perez: Entanglement (Third Prize).
  • Marek Rytych, Krzysztof Kryska, Malgorzata Piotrowska, Pasternak Karol, Radek Tabor: Nebula (Third Prize).

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