Music from The Ice (Website and Instrument Project by Cheryl E. Leonard)

Music from the Ice – Cheryl E. Leonard is a composer, performer, improviser and instrument builder. Much of her work focuses on exploring sounds, structures and materials from the natural world.

My project is to create a series of compositions based on the forces that shape environments and ecosystems in Antarctica, using only sounds from the natural world. While in Antarctica, I will play amplified natural materials such as ice, rock, water, moss, feathers, shells and bones as musical instruments. I will record compositional elements and improvisations created with these instruments, collect field recordings on the peninsula’s islands and in the surrounding seas, and gather a few Antarctic natural objects that I will bring back with me to the United States to use later as instruments in live performances.

For more on Cheryl E. Leonard’s Antarctic recordings and music compositions, please visit her Music from the Ice blog, website (All Ways North), Electronic Musician Magazine site (the Bus), and Antarctic Sun news profile (“Sounds of Snow“).

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Click here for excerpts of selected recordings, or below for a sample composition titled: N√ĄCHTE: Part 3 (excerpt) – sand, stones, glass, water and insects.

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