Canoe Routes: “A Tale of Two Rivers – Quebec’s Petite Mecatina” (MYCCR)

Canadian Canoe Routes (CCR) – A major hydro project for the Petit Mecatina River in Quebec is now in the works. The Mecatina is almost never paddled as it is one of the most difficult in North America but Tom McCloud and 4 friends paddled this river in 2003 and wrote a trip report introducing this river as: “It was the Best of Rivers; It was the Worst of Rivers.”  Read all about this extremely difficult river.

On the 20th of July 2003, our group of 5 paddlers arrived at the town of Natashquan, Quebec, the place where the pavement ends 770 miles east of Montreal on the north shore of the St. Lawrence. The target of this canoe trip is the Petite Mecatina River, (pronounced mec Kat’ nah), which heads up along the Labrador border in the northeast Quebec wilderness near several more famous siblings, the Moise, Magpie and Natashquan. Unlike those rivers, which are traveled by wilderness trippers often, there was almost no information available about previous Mecatina canoe trips. That’s one factor which made the Mecatina attractive to us! So on July 22nd we made the floatplane flight with Leonard DeReps some 200+ miles north to an un-named headwaters lake at ~ 1,770 feet elevation, the beginning of a 320 mile descent to sea level … (read more, PDF).

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