London Exhibit: The North-West Passage, An Arctic Obsession (May 23, 2009 – January 3, 2010)

The National Maritime Museum (NMM) – The search for the North-West Passage, the sea route in the Arctic Ocean which connects the North Atlantic with the North Pacific Ocean, has been sought by many of Britain’s most famous explorers … This new exhibition draws on some of the extraordinary stories, feats of endurance and tragedies that surround some of these 19th-century British Arctic expeditions. It also explores the lives of the Inuit who have made their homes in these harsh conditions for thousands of years … The exhibition brings together the NMM’s extensive polar collection to reveal the historical importance of the North-West passage to 19th-century explorers and why the Arctic is making headlines once more.

Website features include different on-line galleries: routes and resources, exploring the Arctic, life and death in cold climates, and more.  Exhibit runs May 23, 2009 – January 3, 2010 at the National Maritime Museum in London, UK.

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  1. [...] très fort. Mais elle a des lubies curieuses. Elle nous a emmené voir une exposition sur les explorateurs du North-West Passage : de grands malades, des brittons évidemment, qui cherchaient un passage dans l’Artique, [...]