Waterheart: the Deline Project (5 Part CBC Radio Documentary)

CBC North – In April 2008 Polar Radio and CBC North collaborated with 10 teenagers from the Ethseo Ayah public school in Délįne, a small community of about 700 Sahtú Déne First Nations situated by the Great Bear Lake in Northern Canada. The lake is among the largest in the world, surrounded by a vast wilderness that reaches into the Arctic tundra; Délįne the sole settlement on its shores. The teenagers were introduced to basic tools of radio feature making and storytelling during an intensive 10-day Polar Radio production workshop. They set out to interview the town’s elders; their grandparents and great grandparents. These men and women recalled their working life from 1932 to 1960 at Port Radium – a uranium mine on the eastern shore of The Great Bear Lake.

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