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Linguist Lenore Grenoble helps rescue Arctic languages from extinction

The University of Chicago Magazine - Since the Soviet Union’s breakup, Grenoble has traveled to remote Siberian corners to document an endangered language called Evenki. Ethnic Evenkis constitute a Russian and Chinese minority of 35,000 nomadic hunters and reindeer herders, but only 5,000 of them use their eponymous language, and ...

Book Review: “The Magnetic North – Notes from the Arctic Circle” (by Sara Wheeler)

Daily Telegraph (UK) - Sara Wheeler’s sympathies have always been with the south. The author of Cherry, a Life of the explorer Apsley Cherry-Garrard and the bestselling Terra Incognita was unashamedly biased in favour of the glorious wastes of Antarctica, and against the “complicated” Arctic. She liked the white wilderness ...

Wolf: Jack London’s Dark Side (Book Review)

Slate - The United States has a startling ability to take its most angry, edgy radicals and turn them into cuddly eunuchs. The process begins the moment they die. Mark Twain is remembered as a quipster forever floating down the Mississippi River at sunset, while his polemics against the violent ...

Study: Global threats to human water security and river biodiversity

Reuters - "Threats to human water security and biological diversity are pandemic," Charles Vorosmarty of the City University of New York, co-lead author of the report in the journal Nature, told Reuters. The international team of scientists estimated that almost 80 percent of the world's population -- or about 5 billion ...

Gilles Boutin: A Look at the Northern Lights (Photos)

Nunatsiaq News - Gilles Boutin spent years staring up at the night sky, never thinking it would produce Quebec’s first book on the northern lights. Earlier this year, the amateur photographer launched Les Aurores Boréales: Québec-Nunavik, a 200-page collection of some of the most stunning skyscapes the north and south ...

Arctic Terns: Coastal birds carry toxic ocean metals inland

Science Daily - A collaborative research team led by Queen's University biologists has found that potent metals like mercury and lead, ingested by Arctic seabirds feeding in the ocean, end up in the sediment of polar ponds. "Birds feeding on different diets will funnel different 'cocktails' of metal contaminants from ...

Books on the Indian Wars (by Philbrick and Gwynne)

New York Times - Born the son of an Indian warrior and his white wife (who had been captured at the age of 9 during a raid on a Texas ranch), Parker grew up to become the last and greatest chief of the Comanche, the tribe that ruled the Great ...

From a Wired World to Quantum Dots on a Cell Structure: “No Small Matter: Science on the Nanoscale” (Photos)

Seed Magazine - Most science photography collections draw from a single imaging technique, whether it’s molecular models or space shots. Rarely do electron microscopy and computer modeling share the same pages, and images are often accompanied by little more than perfunctory descriptions. No Small Matter is an exception. The second ...

Books: ‘Cold, Clear, and Deadly – Unravelling a Toxic Legacy (by Melvin J. Visser)

Michigan State University Press - Cold, Clear, and Deadly is both a mystery and the story of the evolution of its author: from a chemical and bioprocess scientist to the vice president in charge of a major company's corporate environmental division; to engaging in international research ...

Books: ‘The Man Who Ate His Boots – the Search for the Northwest Passage’ (by Anthony Brandt)

New York Times - When European merchants, navigators and chancers began searching for a northern sea route from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Henry VIII was still a bachelor. The mazy waterways were navigable for a scant three months a year, and as late as 1819 only two white men ...

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