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Arctic Predators, Caught in the Act (Conservation Photography)

The New York Times: To study nest predation, scientists first have to find the nests on the tundra, which is not easy ... the conservation society’s scientists are relying more and more on an enormously helpful tool: camera traps. Such devices, which are motion-sensitive, collect pictures of animals as they pass ...

Nature Conservancy: Follow the Thelon Expedition

Cool Green Science: The Nature Conservancy’s lead scientist Sanjayan and Canada program director Dr. Richard Jeo are on an expedition through one of Canada’s most pristine areas with young members of the Dene First Nation. They will canoe along the Thelon River ending in North America’s largest and most remote wildlife ...

Mackenzie Delta: Partnership signed to protect char

Northern News Services - John Carmichael watched intently as representatives from the federal government, the Gwichin and the Inuvialuit passed around official papers calling for the conservation of char in the Mackenzie Delta. He knew their signatures meant theyd listened to him. Carmichael, an Aklavik elder, began monitoring Dolly Varden char ...

Slideshow: Surveying Wildlife in Arctic Alaska

New York Times - The Utukok River, emerging on the north side of the Brooks Range, as seen from our plane, braids through Arctic uplands. Here, well north of the tree line, the landscape is open and immense — we are in the most remote region of North America.  We ...

Study: Global threats to human water security and river biodiversity

Reuters - "Threats to human water security and biological diversity are pandemic," Charles Vorosmarty of the City University of New York, co-lead author of the report in the journal Nature, told Reuters. The international team of scientists estimated that almost 80 percent of the world's population -- or about 5 billion ...

Nunavut Grapples With Controversial Uranium Mine

The Epoch Times - Controversy over a proposed open-pit uranium mine has prompted the Nunavut government to hold a series of forums in communities across the territory to get the public’s opinion on the mining and milling operation. The Kiggavik Project, a massive $1.5 billion mine operated by a Canadian ...

Gilles Boutin: A Look at the Northern Lights (Photos)

Nunatsiaq News - Gilles Boutin spent years staring up at the night sky, never thinking it would produce Quebec’s first book on the northern lights. Earlier this year, the amateur photographer launched Les Aurores Boréales: Québec-Nunavik, a 200-page collection of some of the most stunning skyscapes the north and south ...

Report: The NWT Water Stewardship Strategy (2010)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (GNWT) - Northern Voices, Northern Waters: The Northwest Territories Water Stewardship Strategy, a collaborative approach to responsible water stewardship, was released jointly today by the Government of the Northwest Territories and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. The Strategy promotes an ecosystem-based approach within watersheds ...

GNWT: 2010 State of the Environment Report (Special Biodiversity Edition)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (GNWT) - The goal of the 2010 State of the Environment Report - Special Biodiversity Edition is to provide information on the state of NWT’s biodiversity. It provides information to help us understand what components of NWT’s biodiversity are changing and why. This information is ...

2009 Air Quality Report (Northwest Territories)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (GNWT) - The 2009 Annual Air Quality Report summarizes the air quality information collected in 2009, along with some discussion of trends. Statistical assessment of the results can be made available upon request. The report also provides information on network operations, the air pollutants ...

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