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Report: The NWT Water Stewardship Strategy (2010)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (GNWT) - Northern Voices, Northern Waters: The Northwest Territories Water Stewardship Strategy, a collaborative approach to responsible water stewardship, was released jointly today by the Government of the Northwest Territories and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. The Strategy promotes an ecosystem-based approach within watersheds ...

GNWT: 2010 State of the Environment Report (Special Biodiversity Edition)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (GNWT) - The goal of the 2010 State of the Environment Report - Special Biodiversity Edition is to provide information on the state of NWT’s biodiversity. It provides information to help us understand what components of NWT’s biodiversity are changing and why. This information is ...

GNWT: Traditional Knowledge Annual Report 2009-2010

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NWT) - The Government recognizes that Aboriginal Traditional Knowledge is a valid and essential source of information about the natural environment and its resources, the use of natural resources, and the relationship of people to the land and to each other, and incorporates traditional ...

2009 Air Quality Report (Northwest Territories)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources (GNWT) - The 2009 Annual Air Quality Report summarizes the air quality information collected in 2009, along with some discussion of trends. Statistical assessment of the results can be made available upon request. The report also provides information on network operations, the air pollutants ...

Rapid Changes in the Arctic: Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010 Report

Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010 - In 2006, the Arctic Council initiated the Arctic Biodiversity Assessment ABA project. The Arctic Council Working Group on Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) is coordinating the project and its first deliverable - the Arctic Biodiversity Trends 2010 report - presents a preliminary assessment ...

New report shows Alberta not doing enough to protect and recover threatened grizzly bears

CPAWS - A new report analyzing current recovery efforts in Alberta indicates that the provincial government is not doing enough to protect one of the most threatened grizzly bear populations in North America. Recent research indicates that the grizzly bear population in Alberta is small and may be declining due ...

Mapping Birds Without Boundaries

New York Times - A new survey has found that 148 land bird species in North America are facing rapid decline, the majority of them in Mexico. The assessment, the first ever to include all three countries, reveals information about populations and migratory patterns and is is intended ...

Report: “High Arctic Species on Thin Ice” (2010 Arctic Species Trend Index)

The Arctic Species Trend Index - A new assessment of the Arctic’s biodiversity reports a 26 per cent decline in species populations in the high Arctic. Populations of lemmings, caribou and red knot are some of the species that have experienced declines over the past 34 years, according to the ...

Report: “Ridding the Arctic of Nuclear Weapons, A Task Long Overdue” (Michael Wallace and Steven Staples)

Arctic Security - “Ridding the Arctic of Nuclear Weapons: A Task Long Overdue” was released today by the Rideau Institute and the Canadian Pugwash Group, the national affiliate of the Nobel Peace Prize winning Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. “Cold War-era nuclear weapon policies and practices in the ...

U.S. Deptartment of the Interior: The State of the Birds Report 2010

Research and monitoring programs are being initiated in arctic regions to increase our understanding of how birds will respond to a changing climate and to develop effective conservation strategies. Cornell Lab of Ornithology (Round Robin) - This afternoon, in Austin, Texas, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced the completion ...

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