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Butler, William - The Wild Northland (1904)


Author: Butler, Sir William Francis

Title: The Wild Northland: Being the Story of a Winter Journey, with Dog, Across Northern North America

Year: 1904

Publisher: New York: Allerton Book Co.

Pages: 383

Source: Google Books  

Description: "Few books of travel run through as many editions as this, and its continued popularity testifies to its merits.  Starting from Fort Garry on the Red River in the early seventies, the author traveled northwards to lake Athabasca; he then turned westwards, and following the course of the Peace River through the Rocky Mountains, moved southwards through British Columbia to the neighbourhood of New Westminster.  The track thus lay through the territories of the Assiniboines, Crees, Chippeways and Beavers, of all of whom General Butler has something to say.  His enthusiastic love for great solitudes, and the mighty rivers and mountains of the north-west, finds its expression in an admirable descriptive style, the truth and poetry of which will be felt by all those who have ever seen the prairies or crossed the Rockies" (Review, Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, 1897, 26:79). 


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